The 2nd Forum: Day1, morning session

This is a presentation materials (papers)of Mr. Hiroshi Kanuma’s lecture on July 2, 2017. The theme is on 30 minutes you can learn the decommissioning of 1F. Before the “I do not know what I do not know”.

Hiroshi Kainuma Mr. Hiroshi Kainuma


In discussion at the mini workshop with the participants, They have introduced an objective viewpoint the statistics based on the decommissioning in Fukushima Prefecture and future issues.

The 2nd Forum: Day1, afternoon session

Day 1, afternoon session : Graphic recording was used instead of ordinary meeting minutes in order to illustrate decommissioning using pictures and speech bubbles. After the session, these graphic records were posted the walls, the participants were asked to freely choose and stick 6 kinds of stickers expressing “anxiety,” “dissatisfaction,” “difficult to understand,” “want to know more,” “want to discuss more,” “fully understood” on the graphic records.

These are the examples of graphic records taken during the 2nd forum and at the time of follow-up mini-workshop on 27 November 2017. The follow-up mini-workshop was held in order to reflect on the 2nd forum and improve the next forum

The 2nd Forum: The follow-up mini-workshop, graphic recording

This is the graphic recording paper created at the follow-up mini-workshop held on November, 23rd ,2017. This workshop was held to be intended to review the the 2nd international forum and carry the next international forum for the aim of continuing deep communications with local community.