Sun, July 2 - Mon, July 3, 2017

- Sun, July 2nd

Program mainly for  

the local community



Hirono-town Central Gymnasium in Hirono-town, Fukushima-Prefecture,


- Mon, July 3rd

Program mainly for 

technical experts



Iwaki Washington Hotel in Iwaki-city, Fukushima-prefecture, Japan


Nuclear Damage Compensation and Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation (NDF)

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Day1 - Program mainly for the local community

Date: Sun. 2nd July, 2017 Venu: Hirono-town Central Gymnasium

AM10:30-10:35Opening Remarks 
(Hajimu Yamana, President, Nuclear Damage Compensation and
 Decommissioning Facilitation Corporation (NDF))
  profile Hajime Yamana

10:35-10:50Welcome Speeches
(Yosuke Takagi, State Minister, METI
 Masao Uchibori, Governor, Fukushima Prefecture
 Satoshi Endo, Mayer, Hirono town )

10:50-11:05Keynote Lecture
(Juan Carlos Lentijo, Deputy Director General, International Atomic
 Energy Agency (IAEA))
  profile juan lentijo  presentation J.C. Lentijo

11:05-11:50Lecture & Mini-Workshop
"What could we know more about 1F NOW?"

Mr. Hiroshi Kainuma is a visiting researcher at Fukushima
University and also an enthusiastic sociologist working on the
risk communication in Fukushima prefecture. He will be speaking
about what decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi really is from
the viewpoint of the local communities, based on his many 
books on sociological analysis and his experience in
interacting with the local residents which has continued since
before the accident.

(Mr. Hiroshi Kainuma, Associate professor, Kinugasa Research
Organization Ritsumeikan University)

  profile Hiroshi Kainuma  presentation Kainuma


 Thoughts on Decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi

 Participants chose one of 4 cards with different colors to express

 their honest feelings towards the decommissioning of Fukushima



  Yellow - Query dowload yellow-question      

  Green - Request dowload green-demand

  Blue - Anxiety dowload blue-anxiety

  Red - Dissatisfaction dowload red-dissatisfaction

   11:50-13:20 Lunch  Food stand for the lunch with Fukushima food will be set.

PM13:20-15:40Research Session
"Dialogue to know what we have wanted to know!"

Mr. Kainuma, the facilitator, will ask questions to the panelists
from NDF and other organizations who are involved in the
decommissioning ofFukushima Daiichi NPS based on the interests
and concerns of the local residents. This session is intended to
provide the local residents with accurate and straightforward
information. The questions from audience are also welcome.

 Voice from Fukushima

 The report summarizes the round-table talks with groups of local 

 residents and interviews with experts in Fukushima prior to the 

 forum, which were facilitated by Mr. Kainuma.

Download poster session

Original version (English page 16-17)

Download poster session

English translation of original (page 3-4 & 10-13)


 Graphic recording

 The discussion of the Research Session was recorded with 

 graphics. At the end of the forum, the participants put stickers of 

 "my feeling now" on the graphics to visualize their opinions.

Download Graphic recordindg


  Hiroshi Kainuma, Associate professor, Kinugasa Research

  Organization Ritsumeikan University


 Shigehiro Tanaka, Director-General for policy Planning and 

  Coordination with special mission for decommissioning and 

  contaminated water management, METI

  profile Shigehiro Tanaka

  Hajimu Yamana, President, NDF

  profile Hajimu Yamana

  Naohiro Masuda, CDO, Fukushima Daiichi Decontamination and 

  Decommissioning Engineering Company (FDEC)

  profile Naohiro Masuda

-Representatives of Hirono-town 

  William Douglas Yuji McMichael, Assistant Professor of the Faculty

  of Economics and Business Administration, Fukushima

  Profile William McMichael

  Shigeru Ide, President, Kawauchi town Chamber of Commerce
  Profile Shigeru Ide

  Motoya Kimura, Student, Fukushima University

  Profile Motoya Kimura

  Naoko Kobayashi, Ex.Tamura city reconstruction support team

  Profile Naoko Kobayashi

 Hidetomo Sakaue, Director, COSTAR NPO

  Profile Hidekazu Sakagami  

  Students, Fukushima High School

  Profile students Fukushima High School

  Student, Futaba Future High School 

  Profile students Futaba Future High School


 William D. Magwood IV, Director General, OECD/NEA

  profile WD. Magwood IV

 Paul Dickman, Sr. Policy Fellow, Argonne National Laboratory

  profile Paul Dickman

 François Gauche, Director of Nuclear Energy Division, CEA

  profile Francois Gauche

 Juan Jose Zaballa, President, ENRESA

  profile Juan Jose Zaballa

(William D. Magwood IV, Director General, OECD/NEA)
  profile WD. Magwood IV   presentation WD Magwood IV
15:55-16:00Closing Remarks (Yukiei Matsumoto, Mayer, Naraha Town)

map of Hirono-town

Program-Day1 | Program-Day2