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Sun, Aug. 5 - Mon, Aug. 6, 2018

- Sun, August 5th

Program mainly for

the local community



Naraha Community Center, Naraha town, Fukushima-Prefecture,


- Mon, August 6th

Program mainly for

technical experts



Alios Iwaki Performing Acts Center, Iwaki city,

Fukushima-prefecture, Japan

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Day1 - Program mainly for the local community

Date: Sun. 5th August, 2018 / Venu: Naraha Community Center, Naraha town

AMOpening Remarks  
Keynote Lecture 
Session to "learn" and "discuss"
Learn about 1F decommissioning and discuss together!
Mr. Hiroshi Kainuma is a visiting researcher at Fukushima University and also an enthusiastic sociologist working on the risk communication in Fukushima prefecture. He will be speaking about what is decommissioning of Fukushima Daiichi from the viewpoint of the local communities, based on his many books on sociological analysis and his experience in interacting with the local residents which has continued since before the accident. 

Session to "learn"
Introduction by Mr. Hiroshi Kainuma, Associate professor, Kinugasa Research Organization Ritsumeikan University, about 1F decommissioning today and topics which was found through the dialogues from previous discussions.

Session to "discuss"
Mini-workshop with all the participants. Thoughts, hope and what could be done towards the decommissioning of 1F will be discussed.

 - Local dish from Fukushima will be served for lunch

 - Local poster session to introduce local activities for reconstruction of Fukushima


Session to "ask questions"

Ask your doubts and questions from local community's point of view.

Local panels will ask question to panels from D&D implementing organizations based on the comments gathered at the "discuss" session in the morning and the pre-research, which was conducted and summarized in "Voice from Fukushima 2018" by Mr. Kainuma. Panels from D&D implementing organizations will answer the questions until the local panels are satisfied.

Closing Remarks

Program_Day1 | Program_Day2